We;lcome to Greenwood


Assam’s most beloved boutique hospitality brands, The Greenwood Hotels & Resorts, takes pride in its long-standing history of untiring commitment towards development and improvement in the realm of growing hospitality.

After being acquired by the Kalita family of Guwahati in 2013, The Greenwood, with its three properties across the state, has achieved incredible milestones in delivering world-class hospitality amidst the lushness of the green settings that popularly define the Seven Sisters of Northeast India.

Our vision at The Greenwood is to provide all our guests with a glimpse of the vibrant culture and traditions, as well as the natural hotspots nestled in this corner of the country, thereby making them more accessible to the mainland paradigm. You can trust that our top-of-the-line, well-personalised services will exceed your expectations at all times.

Exuding an aura that’s as warm and welcoming as your own sweet home, The Greenwood is where a strongly motivated team strives consistently to bring eco-conscious and luxurious hospitality to all our guests. Come and retreat to the greener pastures with a brand that’s growing from strength to strength.

Dear Guests,


It’s an immense pleasure to have you with us, and the best way to express it is by saying a heartfelt thank you for choosing The Greenwood Hotels & Resorts for your stay.


Over the years, it has been an eye-opening journey growing up in the Northeastern part of India— a land that’s certainly known for its natural beauty and cultural diversity, but still remains widely unexplored by many in the mainland.


Through The Greenwood, I wish to bring the spotlight on the Seven Sisters, known for its dense jungles, rolling hills and rich heritage, while giving the people of this region an exposure to the contemporariness of mainland India’s equally diverse society.


The Greenwood Hotels & Resorts is my modest attempt to give back to my community in a meaningful way and offer all our guests a peek into a hidden gem in the country that not many talk about.


I wish you a pleasant stay with us, and I hope to see you come back to us for our warm and premium hospitality.



Himanshu Kalita

Director’s Message

The Greenwood Company



The acquisition of The Greenwood Resort, Guwahati by the Kalita Family.



Expansion of The Greenwood to the historic
town of Tezpur.



The addition of new amenities and
plush rooms to The Greenwood Resort.



The opening of The Greenwood Resort’s charming and inviting banquet halls, restaurants and bars.



Re-branding of
The Greenwood Hotels & Resorts.



The inauguration of Mynah’s Bar and Bistro, the vibrant bar and Aroma: Modern Dining, the multi-cuisine dining space.



The opening of the splendid Cafe Bagan at The Greenwood Resort.



The opening of the much-awaited, The Greenwood Hotel, Guwahati.

Luxury at its best

The Greenwood showcases Assam with it’s diverse ethnicity and cultures. It provides a distinctive level of luxury, warmth, comfort and impeccable service. The in-house restaurant is a treat for the people who enjoy food as the very important ingredient of life.

The Greenwood TEAM