Framed by the alpine mountains of Meghalaya on one side and the charming city of Guwahati on the other, lies the newest luxury property of Greenwood Hotels and Resorts: an urban oasis to nurture unparalleled leisure. Experience this burgeoning city through a modern lens in the most luxurious accommodations this city can offer.


Top-rung facilities, elegant accommodations, impeccable dining and around-the-clock professional management awaits you at this home away from home.


The hotel has 48 well-equipped boutique rooms with state-of-the-art facilities that redefine chic living. Guwahati’s idyllic setting and climate is perfect for you to luxuriate in the hotel’s plush ambience, contemporary architecture, and thoughtful service.


Discover the best food in Town.


Our dedicated team creates everlasting moments with perfectly curated events, conjuring magical experiences that reflect your personal style as well as your wildest dreams. Choose a grand, classic feel for your event, celebration or meeting with Xorai, our indoor ballroom that hosts upto 350 guests, and converts deftly into two smaller ballrooms for more intimate celebrations. It gives a mesmerizing backdrop for once-in-a-lifetime experiences that are destined to be the talk of the year.

Gateway to The Northeast

Guwahati is the perfect place to escape for a rejuvenating holiday. But, it’s only a surreal stay at one of the top hotels in Guwahati that would make your experience more worthwhile. This property is a quintessential replica of a retreat that exudes modernity, conscious luxury and warmth in each of its facets.

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Elegant and modern designed properties that await your gracious presence to whisk you away to a whole world of
luxury and rejuvenation across three locations that become the perfect destinations for guests to soak in world-class luxury and comfort.

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