Discover Assam

Discover Assam

Assam is synonymous with unspoiled natural beauty, teeming wildlife, immaculate tea gardens and warm, beautiful people. It’s a strategic location in the northeast of India, and it’s accessibility from the rest of the country makes it the gateway to the northeastern states.


The Northeastern part of India, collectively called the Seven Sisters, opens up to the mainlanders through Assam, one of the sister states that’s replete with pristine natural surroundings and vibrant cultures -all of which still remain largely undiscovered.

Known widely as the home to the mighty river Brahmaputra (the only male river in the country) and verdant valleys draped in tea plantations, Assam gives you a glimpse of a land that’s strongly entrenched in its glorious history, diverse traditions and plentiful adventures.

The Greenwood, Assam

Among the Clouds

Head to the lush hills of Meghalaya, a treasure trove of adventures and breathtaking vistas.

Rural Assam's Scenic Beauty

natural hotspots that magnetize history and nature lovers alike.

Water Everywhere!

Boat on the pristine waters of Dipor Bill or Chandubi Lake near Guwahati

Hills and Tea Gardens

thrill yourself with myriad adventures

Assamese Culture

Guwahati, Tezpur, and Majuli

A Mix of Religion and Ethincity

Historic temples and cultural sites in Guwahati Tezpur, and Majuli.

Visit during Bihu!

Check out the festivities and tribal celebrations to get a glimpse of Assam’s social culture.

Wildlife at Assam's National Parks

Witness the world-famous one-horned rhinos and a plethora of flora and fauna at Kaziranga, Nameri and other nature preserves.